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27th Jan 2012, 10:06 PM in V1 Chapter One
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Author Notes:

NightfallValley 27th Jan 2012, 10:06 PM edit delete
Hi Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my comic. I hope to begin regular updates shortly. Stay tuned! :D

And just to let you know what I'm doing/what this is about : )

Q: Isnt this Geode Corner? Doesnt this comic already exist?

A: Yes and No.
I did ask permission in the SJ Forum prior to posting a new version of the same (similar) comic. No one had a problem with it. You can read my inquiry and the responses here:

Geode Corner was originally presented in a grayscale/manga style comic I consider my second draft. The first drafts are in little booklets I keep hidden. (Storyboards). My final draft allows me to present the comic in color, add more dialogue, fix up some scenes and continuity issues, and present a similar but different comic I can be proud of. I wanted to go for cleaner linework, higher quality images, and of course, color! I originally saw GC as a “shojo”, and while it has elements of shojo romance, I couldn’t help but fall back into my Western art roots. “Conplicated” is drawn in my usual style with elements of manga, while the first draft was drawn in a manga style with elements of American comics!
It is a different…color…quality, some storyline changes, shortening where I need to, and added scenes where I need to. It's the "special edition".

If you're new to the comic and you want "spoilers" feel free to read the grayscale version, though some elements may change. My plan is to finish the grayscale through volume three. Volumes 1-3 of the new version will constitute one volume of the color version. After I finish Volume 3 of the grayscale version, I hope to continue the story in color only.

Thanks again for checking out the site!